Velvet pouch with silver balls
A beadwork purse with inscription ‘Remember the Pore 1630′, England, 1630
Silver and parcel-gilt belt pouch with image of goddess Victoria, Europe, early 17th century
Sweet bag worked in silks on a ground of silver thread with text woven in drawstring, England, 1620-1630
Velvet bag with silver thread embroidery, Europe, 17th century
Shield-shaped coin purse, embroidered, France, 1700-1730
Velvet gamester’s purse, embroidered, France, late 17th century
Leather coin purse with studs, Europe, 17th century
Crocheted drawstring purse with silver thread trim, France, 17th century
Beaded bag with silver frame, hook and chain, made by Van Wijk, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1771
Pair of linen thigh pockets embroidered in flame-stitch with date and initials, England,1766
Silk needlework bag embroidered with silk, gold and silver thread and sequins, France, 1750-1775
Drawstring purse made of ‘sablé’ glass beads, France, 18th century
Silk bridal bag with bride (Princess Maria Leszynska, the bride of King Louis XV) in enamel on copper, Limoges, France, 1725
Letter case of silk, embroidered with oval ivory medallion with drawing, France, ca. 1800
Silver chatelaine with needle case, scissors, vinaigrette and thimble box, made by Willem Rosier, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, ca. 1740
Beaded handbag with silver frame and chain, the Netherlands, early 19th century
Papier-m?ché handbag with cut steel frame, France 1820’s
Handbag with painting, France, 19th century
Leather handbag with wooden cover in Mauchline ware showing the French city Fontainebleau, Scotland, 1880s
Purse of turtle, with a picture of the Eiffel Tower in silver and mother-of-pearl for the 1889 World Fair in Paris, France, 1889
Velvet chatelaine bag with brass decoration and hook, France, 1974
Embossed leather handbag, Germany, 1880-1990
Leather and silk letter case with embroidery, love poem and miniature painted by Favorin Lerebours, France, 1806
Leather ladies’ dressing case with silver, ivory and cristal necessaires, UK, 1896.
Berlin woolwork and beaded travelling bag with brass frame, Germany, mid-19th century
Silk reticule with embroidery and Turkish knots along border, France, early 19th c.
Linen reticule, embroidered, with two chenille tassels, UK, 1840-1870
Silk clutch embroidered with silk and cut-steel beads, Duvelleroy, France, 1930s
Quilt clutch embroidered with rhinestones, Judith Leiber, USA, 1994
Metal clutch with enamelled decoration, France, ca. 1930
Metal clutch with imitation diamonds decoration, 1950’s
Armadillo shoulder bag, Argentina, 20th century
Leather evening bag with enamelled adornment, France, ca. 1915
Handbag of silk with printed decoration, Emilio Pucci, Italy, 2004.
Leather handbag ‘Bamboo Bag’ with bamboo handle and lock, Gucci, Italy, 1970’s
Dresden mesh handbag, Whiting & Davis, USA 1920s.
Stingray handbag with plastic decoration, France, 1930’s
Magazine clutch ‘Jours de France’, Hong Kong, 1970’s
Lucite handbag, Charles S. Kahn, USA, 1950’s.
Enamelled minaudière with jewelled clasp which can also be used as brooch, Asprey, London, UK, 1939
Bead bag with ornamental clasp, Germany, 1920-1930
Synthetic vanity case, France, 1920-1930
Handbag decorated with feathers and plastic breads, Alexander McQueen, England, 2003.
Evening bag ‘Socks’, Judith Leiber, USA, 1996
Clutch ‘Whisper Magazine’, crêpe de Chine and metal, Charlotte Olympia, Italy, 2014
Tote bag with lasered pattern, Viktor & Rolf, The Netherlands, 2010.
Shoulder bag, leather, Karl Lagerfeld, France, 2012
Shoulderbag, “The 2.55”, Leather, Chanel, France, 2014
Backpack, leather with ostrich print, DKNY, 2013
Minaudière with crystals, Plastic, Yves Saint Laurent, France, late 20th century
Clutch, plastic, Lulu Guinness, UK, 2012
Metal clutch ‘Knots’, Bottega Veneta, Italy, 2007
‘Les extraordinaires’, bucket Louis Vuitton, leather and metal, France, 2006
Handbag ‘Bayswater’, calf’s hair with zebra print, Mulberry, UK, 2009


与其他许多博物馆一样,箱包博物馆得以成立全因私人收藏家的收藏热情。在过去的三十多年间,收藏家Hendrikje Ivo与Heinz Ivo收藏了大量各式箱包,慢慢形成了一个独特的收藏系列。由于藏家个人对手袋历史,材料,技术,工艺,以及箱包故事的痴迷最终促成了一个全方位展示箱包的博物馆的成立。在收藏之初,他们挑选藏品时就独具慧眼,同时注重藏品对西方文化背景下的箱包史的展现。因此,我馆的藏品因其多样与品质的上乘受到来自国际各界的赞誉。在2014年,Fodor的旅游网站授予箱包博物馆全球十佳时尚博物馆称号。

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    这一切都始于一个手袋,而这一手袋激发了Hendrikje Ivo和Heinz Ivo的收藏箱包的激情,很快他们便成为了箱包鉴赏专家。多年来,他们收藏了大量品质上乘的箱包,并希望与大家共赏他们的收藏。

  • 近期展览

    我们的新展览,“配饰是女孩最好的朋友”,带来了 Rijksmuseum(荷兰国立博物馆)非凡的配饰收藏中最引人注目的一批藏品,再加上本馆精品馆藏,共同为您呈现过去四百年间最重要的配饰时尚历史,展览持续至 2018 年 1 月 28 日。

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    手袋和箱包博物馆有许多代表性箱包。 点击查看我们珍藏的香奈儿(Chanel “2.55”), 爱马仕(Hermès)“凯莉包(Kelly Bag)”, “柏金包(Birkin Bag)和其他代表性藏品。